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Multicore World:

a unique meeting to answer

BIG Questions, together!

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Multicore World 2020 – Speakers and delegates networking.

Interactive and Targeted:

At Multicore World conversations are as important as sessions. Every presentation has a flexible Q&A period, and if we are enjoying a great discussion, we just continue with it. On its 10th edition, Multicore World 2023 participants are invited as world experts in their speciality. In a limited audience environment you will find that the person sitting besides you has a wealth of experience similar to the speaker that both are listening to.


Multicore World 2018 – Mohamad S. El-Zein (John Deere, USA)

Industry Leading:

Participants are from first tier companies, vendors and organisations -academia, science, government, engineering and development communities. You will hear about trends and road maps that are not yet in the general domain. You can’t substitute the experience of Multicore World’s unique combination of sessions and conversations. Webinars and white papers present knowledge to be marketed: at Multicore World you will discuss with the creators -right when they are keen to test their novel concept in your field.


Multicore World 2017 – John Gustafson (NUS, Singapore) – Satoshi Matsuoka (Riken, Japan)

Global and Independent:

Multicore World is a destination conference -people do not “pass through”, it is a strong decision to come to New Zealand. More than 50% of participants are from outside New Zealand and Australia. It is not unusual that some are crossing the Equator for the first time in their lives, just to keynote at Multicore World. Authors do their book pre-launch presentation, entrepreneurs discuss deals with executives from major corporations, new start ups are formed, and all in an informal environment -far from media scrutiny and general gossip. Take advantage of the time commitment of global experts that are keen to learn from your work. Enjoy debating at peer-level in an environment independent from corporate or academic agendas. You’ll arrive as a speaker or attendee, but will leave as our friend and part of the Multicore World family of colleagues disseminated worldwide.


Multicore World 2017 – Her Excellency Ms Zodwa Lallie, High Commissioner of South Africa in New Zealand – Dr Happy Sithole (CHPC, South Africa)


On its 10th consecutive edition, Multicore World is now consolidated in the international calendar. Every year since 2012, experts and leaders from all over the world converge in February to beautiful New Zealand for three full days of the most thought-provoking sessions in the latest high-technology evolution and its applications.

stairs mw2013

Multicore World 2013 – Some of the participants: Barbara Chapman (Brookhaven National Lab, USA), Tim Mattson (Intel, USA), Lev Lafayette (University of Melbourne, Australia), Poul-Henning Kamp (FreeBSD, Denmark), David Eyers (University of Otago, New Zealand), Paul McKenney (IBM, USA), Nick Jones (NeSI, New Zealand), Trevor Dickinson (AANZ, New Zealand), Alistair Rendell (ANU, Australia), Andrew Ensor (AUT, New Zealand), Gaurav Mitra (Texas Instruments)


An initiative of Open Parallel Ltd, we conceived Multicore World with an economic development agenda as part of our quest to make New Zealand a global centre for entrepreneurship based in next generation computing technologies.

multicoreworld2018-21 ne opening

Introduction – Multicore World 2018

Check Multicore World 2018 here.

For further information, contact Nicolás Erdödy, Conference Director


Multicore World 2019 – Pallavi Shurpali, Infrastructure Engineer, Facebook Inc., Menlo Park, USA.

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