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How can we help?

Jim Ang & Nicolas MW19 standing

For information about Multicore World 2023 and its related activities, sponsorship and partnership opportunities, or any other aspects, please contact:

Nicolás Erdödy, Conference Director, ( or use the form:

Jim Ang MW2019 OP sign

Jim Ang (PNNL, USA) – Multicore World 2019 keynote.

“Multicore World” is an initiative of Open Parallel Ltd.

Open Parallel Ltd. (T/A Multicore World) is a company registered in New Zealand.


Paul McKenney (Facebook, US) – with the mic and Satoshi Matsuoka (RIKEN, Japan) -speaking. Multicore World 2017.

Interested in Multicore World 2023?

We welcome expressions of interest from sponsors and speakers for the 10th Multicore World, to be held in Wellington, capital of New Zealand between 13th – 17th February 2023.

4392F822-2312-4CFD-A7E0-62ED9595B3B8_1_105_cMulticore World 2020 – Prof Anne C. Elster (NTNU, Norway).


Multicore World 2017 – Pete Beckman (Argonne Labs, USA) & Balasz Gerofi (Riken, Japan).

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