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How can we help?

Jim Ang & Nicolas MW19 standing

For information about Multicore World 2020 and its related activities, sponsorship and partnership opportunities, or any other aspects, please contact:

Nicolás Erdödy, Conference Director, ( or use the form:

Jim Ang MW2019 OP sign

Jim Ang (PNNL) – Multicore World 2019 keynote

“Multicore World” is an initiative of Open Parallel Ltd -every year since 2012

Open Parallel Ltd. is a company registered in New Zealand


Paul McKenney (Facebook, US) – with mic and Satoshi Matsuoka (RIKEN, Japan) -speaking. Multicore World 2017

Interested in Multicore World 2020 – 2021?

Expressions of interest from sponsors and speakers are welcome for the 9th Multicore World, to be held in New Zealand in February 2020.


Multicore World 2017 – Pete Beckman (Argonne – USA) & Balasz Gerofi (Riken, Japan)


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