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Your BIG Questions



Which are the BIG questions that you expect to discuss at Multicore World 2019?

Every year we invite our attendees to write their expectations (in the registration form -it’s optional) so we can discuss them as a group during the sessions, and speakers have an idea of what the audience is thinking a priori. We also add some of the topics into a panel discussion.


Below the questions from Multicore World 2018

Updated 6 February 2018

  • How can we restore reproducibility?
  • How do we take potential into reality…
  • HPC and Business Versus Fidelity
  • What are the requirements and implications of HPC/BD/ML’s convergence for system software?
  • What are the implications of widely heterogeneous computing on system software
  • How will future HPC hardware look like?
  • Scalability of compute and storage resources within New Zealand versus cloud-based resources
  • The end of Moores Law (or Moores Law going backwards)
  • Death of the POSIX file-system
  • How does IoT and Computing on the Edge influence HPC?
  • Blockchain will be an interesting topic even if it’s a short-lived one.
  • The state of AI and how it influences developments in HPC
  • “Blockchain” -a huge buzzword, interested on how much of it is hype versus how much lasting potential the technology will have.
  • Panel on Meltdown/Spectre: for some workloads, these chip design flaws effectively dialed back a modest amount of progress.
  • Privacy, Human Rights, and Ethics in the Big Data era
  • Discuss specific niche workloads where Meltdown resulted in a large performance penalty as well, or if the impact is most severely limited to custom-tailored, worst-case-scenario benchmarks.


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