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Bruno Lago

Are cloud and HPC mutually compatible?

Bruno Lago, Managing Director

Catalyst Cloud, Wellington, New Zealand



OpenStack and Kubernetes have introduced an open standard API for developers and researchers to interact with IT infrastructure. This standard is proving beneficial to foster collaboration between organisations worldwide and to improve the reproducibility of research experiments.

Teams that have been operating HPC and supercomputing clusters often struggle to understand how they could benefit from these cloud-native technologies while maximising the performance and benefits they get from their HPC clusters.

In this presentation, Bruno will highlight how HPC and cloud-native technologies can be brought together to deliver the best of both worlds. Some of the topics covered in the presentation include:
* Bare-metal hosts managed by OpenStack
* Hypervisor optimisations for near bare-metal performance
* Optimisation of cloud storage for HPC
* Exposing GPUs and FPGAs to guests
* Network latency, MPI, RDMA in cloud computing

Wednesday 13th February 2019 – 1:30 pm – 2:00 pm – Schedule



Bruno Lago is the managing director of Catalyst Cloud, NZ’s first public cloud based on OpenStack and Kubernetes. He is passionate about open source software, cloud computing, disruptive technologies, and the positive impact that startups can have in society.

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