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Hugo Vincent

Security Versus Performance

Hugo Vincent – Head, Security Group

Arm Research, Cambridge, United Kingdom



For many in the security, computer architecture, and operating systems communities, 2018 was a tumultuous year thanks to the constant stream of new microarchitectural side channel attacks such as Spectre and Meltdown. Due to the emergence of these new attacks, and due to wider industry trends, developers are increasingly facing difficult tradeoffs between security and performance – tradeoffs that could previously be delegated to security specialists. This talk will present recent security trends in computer architecture and operating systems and their implications, share insights into the performance costs of mitigations, and conclude by looking forward to how the hardware/software contract may change over the coming years to enable developers to better balance their performance and security goals.


Thursday 14th February 2019  2:15 pm – 2:50 pm – Schedule





Hugo Vincent heads up the Security group in Arm Research, Cambridge, UK as a Principal Research Engineer. His research focuses on security in distributed systems and the IoT, working with DARPA, the University of Cambridge, and Arm’s commercial and academic partners. He has contributed to the design of security and cryptographic features in Arm processors and operating systems including Mbed OS (Arm’s operating system for the IoT), Arm’s IoT strategy and technology, hypervisors, and trusted system architecture.



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