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John Gustafson

A regular guest speaker at Multicore World (MW14-16-17-18) John Gustafson is a Visiting Scientist at A*CRC (A*STAR Computational Resource Centre) and a Visiting Professor at the Computer Science Department of National University of Singapore (NUS)

Multicore World 2019 will be the first public presentation of the Minefield Method, which seems to have no precedent in the literature on special function evaluation.

The draft Posit Standard may be released by the time of the conference as well.



Perfect Math Libraries Without Sacrificing Speed: The Minefield Method

John Gustafson

A*STAR and NUS – Singapore



Port any program using floating-point arithmetic from one platform to another, and you are likely to get different results. The most common reason is an issue that has been known for centuries: Elementary functions such as cosine, logarithm, exponential, etc. are excruciatingly difficult to round for certain input arguments, so the designers of math libraries ask us to accept a few errors in the last bit. The problem is that those errors are inconsistent from one library to another. While methods of assuring correct rounding for every value are known, they slow the function evaluations down by a huge factor. A recent breakthrough technique, the “Minefield Method,” demonstrates a new way to achieve perfect rounding with low-order approximations, eliminating the historical tradeoff between speed and correctness; you can have both. The Draft Posit Standard therefore requires all standard functions  be correctly rounded for all input arguments so that posit calculations, unlike those using IEEE 754 Standard floats, can at last produce bitwise-identical results across platforms.


Wednesday 13th February 2019 – 8:30 am – 9:10 am – Schedule


John Gustafson speaking at Multicore World 2014



Dr. John L. Gustafson is an applied physicist and mathematician who is a Visiting Scientist at A*CRC and Professor at National University of Singapore, where he is directing efforts in Next-Generation Arithmetic.

He is a former Director at Intel Labs and former Chief Product Architect at AMD. A pioneer in high-performance computing, he first demonstrated scalable massively parallel performance on real applications in 1988. This became known as Gustafson’s Law, for which he won the inaugural ACM Gordon Bell Prize. He is also a recipient of the IEEE Computer Society’s Golden Core Award.



Featured Image (top): Keynote at Multicore World 2018 – Abstract

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Multicore World 2017

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