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Karen Schramm

Accelerating The Data Center

Karen Schramm, VP Technology

Broadcom, Inc., San Jose, California, USA




Processing demands in Data Centers continue to grow, while Moore’s Law is slowing. Operators are looking to get more out of their Xeon servers and looking to alternative compute platforms.

This will be a discussion on accelerating processing in the Data Center, focusing on offload technology and dis-aggregation. Hardware offload has long been leveraged to free up CPU cycles, from relatively simple assist such as network checksum offloads through very specialized, complex offloads such as compression or a full network transport layer (e.g. TCP, RDMA).  Dis-aggregation is used to improve Data Center efficiency, enabling better utilization of resources.

Modern solutions combine the performance improvement and efficiency of hardware offload with the flexibility required to meet the fast pace of innovation. These solutions are being deployed today. Data will be shared from deployments for network vSwitch offload as well as dis-aggregation of storage and Xeon processors.


Tuesday 12th February 2019 – 1:30 pm – 2:15 pm – Schedule



Karen Schramm


Karen leads a multi-site architecture team in Broadcom’s Compute & Connectivity business. The team is responsible for product definition and technology advancement across the business’s portfolio of Network Interface Controllers, SmartNICs, Data Center Accelerators and Security/CV products. Boston, USA. 


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