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Nic Viljoen

Flexible and Scalable Domain Specific Architectures

Presenters: Gavin Stark & Nic Viljoen

Netronome, San Francisco, California, USA

In this talk we will first introduce the concept of a domain specific architecture (DSA) using the Netronome Flow Processor (NFP) as an example, we will cover the motivation, design and implementation. Thereafter we will explore how this architecture’s flexibility has been leveraged in the past to handle unique platforms such as the Facebook Yosemite v2 Platform.

Finally approaches for designing flexible chipsets in the future will be explored, including the value of system wide computational modelling.

Tuesday 12th February 2019 – 2:20 pm – 2:50 pm – Schedule




Nic runs the NIC FW and upstream driver team at Netronome, most of his work focuses on integrating heterogenous processing into upstream Linux, including the upstream NFP eBPF JIT compiler. Nic is a (minor) upstream Linux contributor and also holds multiple patents related to network processing.

Nic holds an MA and an MEng from Cambridge University.

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