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Bruce Jacob



Bruce Jacob is a Keystone Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and former Director of Computer Engineering at the University of Maryland in College Park. He received the AB degree in mathematics from Harvard University in 1988 and the MS and PhD degrees in CSE from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor in 1995 and 1997, respectively. He holds several patents in the design of circuits for electric guitars and started a company around them. He also worked for two successful startup companies in the Boston area: Boston Technology and Priority Call Management. At Priority Call Management he was the initial system architect and chief engineer. He is a recipient of a US National Science Foundation CAREER award for his work on DRAM, and he is the lead author of an absurdly large book on the topic of memory systems. His research interests include system architectures, memory systems, operating systems, and electric guitars.



Keynote – Multicore World 2020


All Tomorrow’s Memories

(with apologies to Lou Reed)

Date: TBC


Memory and communication are the primary reasons that our time-to-solution is no better than it currently is … the memory system is slow; the communication overhead is high; and yet a significant amount of research is still focused on increasing processor performance, rather than decreasing (the cost of) data movement. I will discuss recent & near-term memory-system technologies including high-bandwidth DRAMs and nonvolatile main memories, as well as the impact of tomorrow’s memory technologies on tomorrow’s applications and operating systems. Modern multicore and manycore designs exacerbate the problem, but two solutions are on the horizon.



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