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Ruud van der Pas

ruud MW19


Ruud van der Pas is a Distinguished Engineer, Performance Geek in the Oracle Linux and Virtualization Engineering organization at Oracle, Santa Clara, California, USA / Netherlands.

Also coauthor of Using OpenMP: Portable Shared Memory Parallel Programming and Using OpenMP – The Next Step: Affinity, Accelerators, Tasking, and SIMD (both by MIT Press).


Jim Ang MW19 7

Ruud van der Pas (Oracle) and Jim Ang (PNNL) at Multicore World 2019

Speed Up Your Parallel Application Without Doing Much

Ruud van der Pas – Distinguished Engineer, Performance Geek

Oracle Linux and Virtualization Engineering organization

Oracle, Inc. Santa Clara, California. USA / Netherlands

Tuesday 18 February 2020 – 2:10 pm


Surprisingly, many developers ignore the low hanging fruit when it comes to performance tuning. Admittedly the word “low” is relative to how tall you are, but as we will demonstrate in this talk, a combination of the right tools and basic insights can deliver significant performance improvements. We will illustrate this using a graph analysis application.




Ruud van der Pas at Multicore World 2018

Presentation at Multicore World 2019 

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