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Satoshi Matsuoka

Matsuoka MW20 2

Keynote at Multicore World 2019


Professor Satoshi Matsuoka, of the Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech) researches and designs large scale supercomputers and similar infrastructures. More recently, he has worked on the convergence of Big Data, machine/deep learning, and AI with traditional HPC, as well as investigating the Post-Moore Technologies towards 2025.

He has designed supercomputers for years and has collaborated on projects involving basic elements for the current and more importantly future Exascale systems.

Professor Matsuoka is the Director of Riken-Center for Computational Science (R-CCS), ACM/ISC Fellow, IEEE Sidney Fernbach Award 2014

Interview – Science/Business (January 2020) – Building the world’s greenest supercomputing

Twitter @ProfMatsuoka

Multicore World 2019 – Keynote


Matsuoka Panel MW20 1

Multicore World 2019 – Panel – Satoshi Matsuoka (Riken-CCS) & Jim Ang (PNNL)


Closing Keynote – Multicore World 2020


“Fugaku — A Centerpiece for the Japanese Society 5.0”

Satoshi Matsuoka

Director, Riken Center for Computational Science (R-CCS)

Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Tokyo, Japan



Fugaku is not only one of the first ‘exascale’ supercomputers of the world, but also is slated to be the centerpiece for rapid realization of the so-called Japanese ‘Society 5.0’ as defined by the Japanese S&T national policy.

Indeed, the computing capacity of Fugaku is massive, almost equaling the compute capabilities of the aggregate of all the servers (including those in the cloud) facilitated in Japan (approximately 300,000 units), but at the same time, is a pinnacle of the Arm ecosystem, being software compatible with billions of Arm processors sold worldwide in smartphones to refrigerators, and will run standard software stack as is the case for x86 servers.

As such, Fugaku’s immense power is directly applicable not only to traditional scientific simulation applications, but can be a target of Society 5.0 applications that encompasses conversion of HPC & AI & Big Data as well as Cyber (IDC & Network) vs. Physical (IoT) space, with immediate societal impact. A series of projects and developments have started at R-CCS and our partners to facilitate such Society 5.0 usage scenarios on Fugaku.



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