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David Brebner

Founder, CEO, Umajin. Palmerston North, New Zealand.

“High performance object detection and classification on smartphone class hardware”

Wednesday 15 February, 2.05pm to 2.40pm


How to structure the object and detection problem with high resolution images to leverage the scale of economies of devices, high resolution cameras, 5G radio, CPU, GPU and neural compute.

It would be awesome to share some of the work we have been doing.

The two main areas which people might be interested in are;

  1. High performance object detection using GPU/TPU on smartphones
  2. Computing 3D surface geometry for shiny subjects like polished metal parts for inspection – along with a CUDA stack for processing normal maps rather than greyscale or RGB images

As a third item I also have the Quest Pro and I could show some of the real time VR/AR simulations we are rendering.

Mark Thomas and I were showing off different aspects of digital twins at an NVIDIA seminar recently for example.


David’s team develops the Umajin platform which is designed as a cloud and server technology with support for user interaction, 3D machine vision, AR, IoT and AI. The Umajin runtime has shipped over 30 million instances shipped with partners like NTT, PwC, Dell, HP, Intel and Sony.


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