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Mark Thomas

CEO and Founder of Nextspace

Ontology – The core of a Digital Twin

Wednesday 15 February, 2.40pm – 3.15pm


A Digital Twin is so much much more than a visual experience or a digital simulation of a specific real-world process. It can be an immersive data visualization and understanding experience, a critical foundation for the application and communication of AI and simulation tools. It can be delivered on mobile, desktop, AR/VR to deliver value for decades or centuries. It can help make an organization cleaner, greener, safer and more resource optimized. It can understand and represent complex supply chains and geospatial and scanned data. However these capabilities depend on the ability to assimilate data from many sources and standards and amalgamate it into standardized structures suitable for simulating and visualizing in whatever specialized systems are required. It is the rigorous application of the concept of Ontology principles that allow this to happen. This will be discussed and presented with examples.


Mark Thomas is a visual computing and design veteran of 30 years with multiple patents to his name. Mark is currently CEO and Founder of Nextspace, a company dedicated to creating the next generation of Digital Twin technology. Nextspace is currently moving from beta to its Series A, and has established partnerships with SAP, Deloitte, ARUP, Epic Games and NVIDIA.

Mark founded Nextspace in 2007 as a spin-off from his previous company, Right Hemisphere, which was funded by Sequoia Capital and ultimately acquired by SAP. Right Hemisphere developed Digital Twin Solutions for Boeing, NASA/JPL, SpaceX, Gulfstream, Caterpillar, Chrysler and many others.

Mark and his team created the Adobe 3D PDF technology and .U3D format, licensing them to Adobe as part of work with Boeing on their “Model Based Definition” strategy, an early version of Digital Twin technology.


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