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Tina Zou

Principal Engineer – Systems Architecture Lab, Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, Samsung, Boston Area, USA

“Memory Coupled Compute: Innovating the Future of HPC and AI”

Wednesday 15 February, 9.05am – 9.50am


So we have arrived in the Exascale era, now what?

Even with the massive improvements in computing, many applications are dominated by data movement and cannot achieve close to the peak performance of the machine. As we innovate on the future architectures for HPC and AI, there are fundamental needs to improve the data movement aspect, and build a more balanced machine.

In this talk, we will touch on some of the technologies that Samsung is innovating aiming at addressing the data movement bottleneck. We will also discuss the new paradigm of memory coupled compute, and how this new technology is different and will provide further advancement in breaking the memory and communication wall.


Tina Zou is a Principal Engineer at the Samsung Systems Architecture Lab. She is an HPC architect working on hardware development.

An expert in SOC design, Tina has over 20 years of technical and managerial expertise in design and architectural explorations. Prior to joining Samsung, Tina worked for Intel leading projects in the areas of HPC and custom accelerators.

Her technical focus is on SOC design and development, low power design, accelerator design and hardware architecture. She holds 7 patents and teaches VLSI seminars at universities.


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