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Jim Ang

jim ang pnnl

James A. Ang, PhD


Opening Keynote

PNNL’s Data-Model Convergence Initiative

James A. Ang – Chief Scientist for Computing, Physical & Computational Sciences Directorate

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory  (PNNL), Richland, WA, USA



The Data-Model Convergence (DMC) Initiative is an opportunity for PNNL to integrate high performance computing (HPC) modelling and simulation, data/graph analytics, and domain-aware machine learning computing paradigms. 

The DMC Initiative is a five-year effort to create the next generation of scientific computing capability through a focused, integrated software and hardware co-design effort.  Our goal is to take the current approach for independent computing paradigms and integrate them into one converged computing capability.  Computing workflows that use this converged DMC architecture will support laboratory objectives in scientific discovery, and real-time control of the power grid.  

Tuesday 12th February 2019 – 9:10 am – 10:00 am – Schedule







James “Jim” Ang joined the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) in April 2018 as chief scientist for computing and as the lab’s point of contact for the United States Department of Energy’s Advanced Scientific Computing Research mission. His responsibilities include providing senior leadership in high performance computing and supporting the development of PNNL’s lab-wide Computing Strategy. Jim is also cultivating opportunities for PNNL to support the National Strategic Computing Initiative’s Objective #2, Increasing coherence between the technology base used for modeling and simulation and that used for data analytic computing.

Prior to joining PNNL, Jim served as the a member of the initial DOE Exascale Computing Project (ECP) leadership team from 2015-2017. Jim’s role was the Director of ECP’s hardware technology focus area. His primary role and responsibility was the development and definition of the DOE ECP’s hardware R&D strategy. The key elements of the strategy included: 1) Establish a portfolio of PathForward vendor-led hardware R&D projects for component, node and system architecture design, and 2) Create a Design Space Evaluation team to provide ECP with independent architectural analysis of the PathForward vendors’ designs and the ability to facilitate co-design communication among the PathForward vendors and the ECP’s application and system software development teams.

Jim holds a Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, University of California, Berkeley. He was awarded the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) Defense Program Award of Excellence

Research Interests

  • HPC system architectures
  • System-on-Chip processor and node architectures and enabling technologies
  • Data movement capabilities: advanced memory subsystems, and HPC system interconnection network fabrics
  • HPC application performance analysis
  • HPC architectural system simulation
  • Pre-production and advanced architecture test beds
  • Holistic Co-design: multi-disciplinary, multi-institutional collaborations


Full Bio at PNNL

News Release of Jim moving to PNNL after 28 years at Sandia National Laboratories





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