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Jeffrey Vetter

Corporate Fellow at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)

“Deep Codesign in the Post-Exascale Computing Era”

Wednesday 15 February, 3.45pm – 4.20pm


DOE has just deployed its first Exascale system at ORNL, so now is an appropriate time to revisit our Exascale predictions from over a decade ago and think about post-Exascale. We are now seeing a Cambrian explosion of new technologies during this ‘golden age of architectures,’ making codesign of architectures with software and applications more critical than ever. In this talk, I will revisit Exascale trajectory, survey post-Exascale technologies, and discuss their implications for both system design and software. As an example, I will describe Abisko, a new microelectronics codesign project, that focuses on designing a chiplet for analog spiking neural networks using novel neuromorphic materials.


Jeffrey Vetter, Ph.D., is a Corporate Fellow at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). At ORNL, he is currently the Section Head for Advanced Computer Systems Research and the founding director of the Experimental Computing Laboratory (ExCL). Vetter earned his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the Georgia Institute of Technology. Vetter is a Fellow of the IEEE and AAAS, and a Distinguished Scientist Member of the ACM. In 2010, Vetter, as part of an interdisciplinary team from Georgia Tech, NYU, and ORNL, was awarded the ACM Gordon Bell Prize. In 2020, in collaboration with a large team from IBM and LLNL, Vetter was awarded the SC20 Test of Time award for the paper from SC02, entitled “An Overview of the Blue Gene/L Supercomputer.” In 2015, Vetter served as the SC15 Technical Program Chair. His recent books, entitled “Contemporary High Performance Computing: From Petascale toward Exascale (Vols. 1-3),” survey the international landscape of HPC.

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